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Face it, if you were brought up in the West, then even the most fanatic curry-lover will grow tired of the local specialities after a while. Then having the luxury of once in a while being able to cook your own homemade favourite is a welcome change. So , planning on staying for a long term, then maybe you should consider renting an ocean view flat with kitchen or a fully equipped villa, surrounded by paddy fields, at a fraction of the price back home.

Or you’re just here to soak up the taste of Kovalam for a couple of days and you’re looking for a locally-run guesthouse, with the right atmosphere? Then throw away your guidebook and ask us for advice. We know most of the authentic places around here and can guarantee you that you’ll get a competitive price and that your money will go to the right people, and not just another multimillion dollar chain.

Let us know what you’re looking for and surely we’ll be able to match your expectations!

Contact us for more info and bookings.

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