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Name: Anandu
Date of Birth: 
Residence: Kovalam

Life Story: 
My mother left my father when my brother and I were still small children. It was a hard time for my father, trying to earn money to feed us, take care of the household and raise us. As my father worked on the beach we were always hanging out there, with no real home to go to. Then thanks to SISP we got the chance to go to school and the social workers helped my father in finding a real house for us. Now my small brother and me are going to a good private school, with a scholarship of SISP and have a home to go to at night.

Surf Experience and Motivation: Since I always used to hang out on the beach it was an easy step for me to start surfing. Whenever I get the chance I will go to the Surfclub, slip into my shorts and try to impress my father and Jelle with my surfskills. Surfing makes me happy and proud, especially when I get a long wave.

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