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Experience India Tours

Not  a real fanatic in the quest for the perfect wave or the biggest storm? No worries, we can also make your trip unique...

For many years we have been travelling up and down the Indian continent, not only in search of waves, but also in search of ..., who knows what. I guess ‘le sentiment d’évasion’ is rooted within all of us, but only some dare to follow this aching feeling to the unknown. Maybe not always knowing where we were going to or what we were looking for, but this attitude also brought us to the most unique places, giving us once in a lifetime encounters and experiences. And isn`t that just the real magic of travelling? It’s not only about that Unesco-heritage temple or world record waterfall, but about how you get there. Going left where others go right, spending time with the people you encounter along the road, listening to their life stories. Standing still at that special place and not rushing to the next attraction in your Lonely Planet.
If this is your idea of how travelling should be, then please get in touch & join us on our next trip.


All of our tours are custom-made, so tell us your agenda, budget & interests and we’ll work out your once-in-a-lifetime trip that you’ll never forget!

Mail to to get in touch with us!

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