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Name: Gophi
Date of Birth: 

Residence: Kovalam

Life Story: 
I was born in the neighboring state of Karnataka, but my family and I left for Kovalam when I was still a young boy. My parents decided to leave Karnataka due to the hard living circumstances in their native place, and chose Kovalam as our new home. Here we run a souvenir shop on the beach. We make enough money to get around, but still life is not always easy. My father is daily drinking and because I have four sisters, my mother always has to try to save for their dowry. Now I have to try and do good at school so I can find a good job when I grow up and look after my family.

Surf Experience & Motivation: Because my family has a shop on the promenade, the beach has always been my second home. After school and in the weekends I was always playing in the water and when I got the chance to join the Kovalam Surflcub I didn’t hesitate. My mother doesn’t let me surf so often anymore, because she wants me to study a lot, but still it’s my favorite hobby and whenever I get the chance I go surfing.

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