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Jelle Rigole

Name: Jelle Rigole
Date of Birth: 

Residence: Bruges, Belgium & Kovalam, India

Life StoryI first came to Kovalam in 2005 as a part of my social studies. For three months I was doing my internship at SISP, but most of my free time I spent doing what I love most: surfing. The hard reality of the living conditions of the beneficiaries of SISP often left me fulfilled with sadness and unanswered questions. But whenever I felt down, I could walk to the beach, grab my board and empty my thoughts whilst playing in the sea. Whenever I stood up on a wave the local kids were cheering me on and they all seemed very curious about this strange new sport. I thought that whatever makes me happy could make these local kids happy as well and it would be good to give these children some kind of distraction of their harsh living conditions. So during the weekends I started teaching the SISP children how to surf, but only if they could follow one simple rule: they had to be regular students at the SISP school. No school meant no surfing! The Kovalam Surfclub was born!!!

​Surf Experience & MotivationI started windsurfing at the age of 12, but I soon grow bored of the lakes of Belgium and started to challenge the brown waves of the North Sea with my windsurf gear. Due to a bad foot injury I had to give up on windsurfing for a while, so I learned to surf because it puts a lot less burden on the feet. The freedom of being alone with the ocean with just a surfboard as a medium soon became my new passion. Later I also added kitesurfing to this list. I don’t really have a big preference for any sport in specific, but just take out the right toy for the right conditions. I simple just love being in the ocean.


Phone (India): +91 9747408791

Phone (Europe): +32 486020580

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