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Name: Johnson
Date of Birth: 06/11/1996
Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story:
I was going to the same school as Kibins, but also quit after the 5th standard, because I really didn’t like that school. It was also George Sir who convinced me to give schooling another chance and to join SISP. At SISP I always felt very good, I have a lot of friends there and everybody is nice for each other. I come from a very bad house situation and SISP also sponsors my three youngers sisters, so we are lucky SISP is there to help us. Now I’m a bit older and I have to earn some money for my family too, so I joined the SISP handicraft units so I can combine my studies with my work.

Surf Experience and Motivation:
I was also one of the first boys that Jelle taught how to surf. I still really like it and whenever I get the chance I will walk to Kovalam, take my board and try to ride some waves. Surfing makes me happy and I love to be in the water with my friends.

Contact: (0091)9946322826

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