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Name: Jose
Date of Birth: 15/10/1997

Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story:
I come from a fisherman’s family. My parents never really pushed me to go to school, instead they wanted me to go fishing with my father. That’s why I left school at an early age. When a SISP teacher saw me in the harbor he tried to convince me to join SISP. That was 7 years ago, now I’m a regular student at SISP, preparing for my 10th standard exams and in meanwhile working in the coconut handicraft unit. It is important that I can also earn some money, because my mother is a housewife and after my father died in a big storm last year there is nobody else bringing in some money. Luckily here the family ties are very strong and we get some support from our relatives.

Surf Experience & Motivation: ​​I started surfing 5 years ago with two other friends. I wouldn’t say I’m the best surfer, but still I’m always having fun in the water. In the weekends I always go surfing in the morning and in the afternoon I join the SISP dance class.

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