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Name: Joshua
Date of Birth: 25/06/1999
Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story: 
Like most of the other children from my village I also come from a fisherman’s family. I never really got pushed from my family to go to school, so in my 7th year I really lost my motivation and dropped out of school. I joined SISP only this year, but I really like it and I hope I can continue, because I don’t want to become a fisherman like my father.​

Surf Experience and Motivation: I only started surfing this year, because the rule to join the Surfclub is that you have to be a regular student at SISP. I’ve been going to the surfclass every week now and I really start to catch some waves on my own. I really enjoy surfing, it makes me happy and I’m motivated to train and improve.


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