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Name: Kannan
Date of Birth: 00/00/1993
Residence: Kovalam

Life Story:
 My early childhood years were quite difficult for my mother. My father left us and she had to raise my sister and me on her own. We were raised in a small shed, but my mother fought to improve our situation. Because of her persistence and the help of some befriended tourists, she managed to build a proper house for us, with some extra guestrooms to rent out. I never really liked school, but managed to complete my studies in a government school. Now I am working in Mani’s restaurant, which is really good, because for a surfer, having Mani as a boss is a bless, because he lets me go surfing whenever it gets good. Recently, I started teaching surfing as well and I really like it, so who knows, maybe one day I can make a living out of that for my family and myself.​

Surf Experience and Motivation: When Jelle comes to India, he mostly stays with my family. My mother and Mani have been his best friends ever since. He has taught Mani to surf and many of my friends, but I was always afraid to take the step. Then one day with small waves during the monsoon Varghese taught me how to surf. I practiced and practiced for months until I finally rode my own waves. Jelle was so amazed to see me surfing when he came back to India after a couple of months. I really want to surf as much as possible, because I love to feel that I’m making progress.


Contact: (0091)9895314065


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