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Name: Kibins
Date of Birth:  
Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story:
 I was studying at the local school in my village but I didn’t get any challenge from that school and the teachers were not treating us well. So I left that school and was hanging around in the harbor for a while. Then a teacher from SISP noticed me and convinced me to come to their free education center. I learned a lot in SISP and I was doing so well that the teachers selected me to enroll for a good private school. Now I’m a straight A student and my dream is to become an engineer, find a well-paid job and take good care of my mother and sister.

Surf Experience and Motivation: 
I like to study well and work hard during the week and the combination with surfing in the weekends works good for me. In everything I do I want to excel and Jelle pushes me to do so. I was one of the first members of the Kovalam Surfclub and I’m not planning on quitting soon!


Contact: (0091)9142789980


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