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November 2014


'No School-No Skating'




The Kovalam Surfclub has a basic but powerful rule: 'No School-No Surfing'. But ever since the beginning of our program we've faced one deficiency. During the monsoon months the ocean is too rough to run the surfing program and the Kovalam Surfclub has been having difficulties in finding a worthy alternative during these months. Until now!


S.I.S.P. and Kovalam Surfclub have joined hands with the Holystoked Collective (Bangalore, IND), 2er Crew (Hannover, GER) and Royal Atheneum (Bruges, BEL) and proudly built and opened the first skateboarding miniramp in Kerala and one of the first of it's kind in India. Skateboarding has been proven to be extremely popular amongst youth from all cultures and social backgrounds and is, just like surfing, a powerful tool to uplift youngsters facing harsh living conditions. Skateboarding is like surfing on concrete and during the first runs on the skateramp by the Kovalam Surfclub members we were amazed to see how easily they adapted to their new playground. The skatepark is a part of the S.I.S.P. free education centre and will be open when the ocean is too rough to surf. BPL children are welcome to join if they follow one rule: 'No school-No Skating'!


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