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Name: Praveen
Date of Birth: 00

Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story: 
Like many children in my village, my childhood wasn’t the best period in my life. We had to struggle to survive and I was even send off to an orphanage for a while, because my mother couldn’t take care of me anymore. Back in those days school was the last thing on my mind, but after I joined SISP I become a regular student. Thanks to SISP I enjoyed a basic education and I got a training in coconut handicrafts. Because of that training I now am a fulltime staff member in the coconut unit of the SISP Social Employment Program. Besides surfing myself, I now also try to get more experience in teaching other people how to surf, because I hope that one day I can earn my living with what I love best.

Surf Experience & Motivation: I was one of the first SISP students to pick up surfing. I really like it, especially when the waves are good. Due to my job I can only surf in the weekends, but when it’s on I surf for hours in a row and forget about everything. It’s nice to see so many young boys around us getting really good, it won’t be long anymore and they’ll be surfing better than the big boys!​

Contact: (0091)9567585695

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