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Name: Raju
Date of Birth: 00/00/1996
Residence: Pulavilla

Life Story:
I come from a small fishing village ten kilometer south of Kovalam. Our village is very poor and a lot of young boys neglect their studies so they can go working and help their families. Last year a social worker from SISP came to our village and talked with our families about the importance of education and what SISP could do to improve our situation. Now every day the SISP school bus comes and brings me to school, together with six other boys from my village. SISP is a really nice place for us to go to, we get good education, tasty food, clothes, medical care and everybody is very friendly.

Surf Experience and Motivation:
When we joined SISP we also got the opportunity to learn how to surf. My friends and I love sports and surfing is a really good physical challenge. At least one day in the weekend all the SISP boys from my village go to Kovalam and try to master surfing.

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