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Name: Ramesh
Date of Birth: 00/00/2003
Residence: Kovalam

Life Story: I was born in a small village in the neighboring state of Karnataka. But soon after my birth my parents decided to leave their native place, trying to flee from poverty and built up a better life in Kovalam, which was renowned for its big tourist industry. Many Karnataka families before use had succeeded in improving their standard of life by setting up small shops in tourist hotspots along the coast. Life has not been easy for my mother, because I’m still too young to go to work and my father is a very heavy drinker. I also have two sisters and according to India’s tradition my family will have to pay a huge dowry if we want to find good husbands for my sisters. So the future doesn’t look very bright, but my mother is a very strong lady, she’ll manage somehow. Luckily I can go to SISP, because a local school is impossible for me, because my native language differs a lot from the local language. I want to practice surfing every day, because I want to become the best surfer in India and help my family!

Surf Experience and Motivation: I saw the ocean for the first time in my life when I moved to Kovalam. Ever since I’ve been always playing in the shorebreak. I started surfing when I was only 6 years old and apparently I’m quite talented. Now, I am one of the best surfers in Kovalam and even go out in big days. Sometimes my father even comes to watch me. If it would be up to me I would surf every day, from dawn until dusk.


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