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Name: Sebastian
Date of Birth: 00/00/1995
Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story: 
I was born in Kottapuram, the Christian part of Vizhinjam. Like most of my friends we stopped going to school at an early age. Nobody was ever trying to motivate us or give a good example what to do with our lives. So we just always used to hang out at the harbor. I guess that’s not the best place for a kid to grow up, but still it is our home. Luckily one of the SISP teachers approached me and convinced me to join their school. I have been going to SISP on a regular basis now for the last 7 years and I’m preparing for my 10th standard exam. In the afternoons I’m expelled from my studies so I can earn an income in the coconut handicraft units and help my family, because they are still suffering from poverty.​

Surf Experience and Motivation:
I joined the Surfclub with a couple friends 5 years ago. We all really like it and are motivated to become good surfers. Sometimes, when the waves are good, Jelle takes us on a surftrip to some other beaches. That’s really good for us, because we never really get out of our village and like that we get the chance to see some new places and surf some good waves.


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