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Name: Shah
Date of Birth: 00

Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story:
I grew up in the Muslim slums of Vizhinjam Harbour. Not the best place for a child to grow up, but even after my father died, my mother always tried her best to take care of me and my siblings. I passed my high school degree, thanks to a SISP program where I got the chance to work in the mornings and come to the free SISP tuition class in the afternoons. Recently I’ve tried a couple of different jobs, but for sure my knowledge of English and my experience with foreigners are big bonuses in finding a good job.


Surf Experience & Motivation: When I was still a student at SISP, I’ve got the chance to give surfing a try. I always liked it, but my real stoke only started last year, when I found a job in the restaurant of Mani. That’s also where the Kovalam Surfclub is located, so every free moment, I could sneak off for a surf and improve my skills.



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