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Name: Sujin
Date of Birth: 00/00/2000
Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story: 
I dropped out of my village school when I was still a little boy. I really didn’t like that school and nobody was pushing me to continue. When a young boy can choose between hanging around and playing with his friends or going to school, of course he will choose for the first option. So that’s what I did. Later a teacher from SISP approached me and motivated me to pick up my studies. I quickly became one of the better students at the SISP school so the teachers offered me to go to a good private school. Because of this chance I’m getting a good education and I will be able to find a well-paid job after I graduate.

Surf Experience and Motivation: When I joined SISP it seemed like a good chance to also join the Surfclub. I’ve been going to the surf classes regularly now for the last two years and now I manage to ride the waves on my own. Surfing gives me a good feeling and I can spent hours in the water without getting bored. Every year we also go on a surf trip with all the members of the Surfclub and for me and all the other boys that is a highlight, because we get to see some new places and surf good waves.

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