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Is there any surf in India?

I guess the pictures on this site speak for themselves, and no, they are not just shots of those exceptional days, but more a testimony of what we get offered here on a weekly basis. Geographically there is enough proof to substantiate our words. With more than 7000 kilometer of coastline, exposure to the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, the Indian mainland picks up some of the same swell that pampers Indonesia. Especially the southwest coast of India gets the biggest piece of the cake and is by far the most consistent surf area. All main point breaks, reefs, river mouths and beach breaks are clustered around the most southern point of India. And that`s where we are based at, right in the centre of the action!

But there are good reasons why India has been kept so well off the main surf radar. To get some good surf here you really have to be at the right place at the right time! And with long distances between surf spots, difficult access to the beaches, no adequate roadmaps and local ignorance to the sport of surfing, it leaves no doubt that local knowledge is the key to epic rides. The Kovalam Surf Club has been scouting up and down this coast since 2005 and now has the experience to now when and where it`s going to be on fire. If you want to maximize your changes for good waves it is best to rely on us and book a surf tour. And since we are locally run we also handle local prices, which are far below western standards.


There are some simple rules to follow though to make the most out of your surf trip to India:

First, it is crucial to come down here with an open, respectful and interested mind and just let yourself be caught by a flow that can only be found in India. Waves come and go, but the true beauty of India can be found at every street corner, so when the surf goes flat there`s no need to stress, just look around you and discover that there are plenty of other rides to enjoy. And why not pop by the local temple to offer for Varuna, the God of the Ocean, your prayers may be heard…

Second, cherish the places we take you to, but keep them in your memories and for yourself. This is one of the few places in the world where surf tourism benefits only the local community. The surfers of the Kovalam Surf Club will be more than happy to share their waves with you, as long as you respect their gems. These people rely on surfing for their income and distraction. To see this being ruined in the future due to crowds and general surf behavior would be such a shame, we don`t want to make this a second Bali.

Third, choose your time well to make the most out of your surf trip to India. South India is hot year-round and the climate can be roughly divided into two main seasons – dry and wet (monsoon). The monsoon runs from May through October and is characterized by rain, onshore winds and huge waves. All though mornings can be glassy and perfect, many spots won`t be working due to the excess water gushing out of the rivers and the chop created by the onshores. Point set-ups to clean up the swell will be your best bet during the monsoon. But due to the unpredictability of the weather and the hardcore conditions, we don`t run our ‘normal’ surf tours at this time of the year. We’ll take you to the sweet spots, but it takes a lot longer to get there, the timing is more fickle and most spots require good surfing skills & a bit of guts.
Average to good surfers are best to come just before and after monsoon, when the winds die down, the rivers run dry after having created our much treasured sandbars and the roads are accessible again and free of mud and puddles. September, October, November, February, March & April will offer consistent surf, bright skies and morning offshores. The waves are mostly in the 2 to 5 foot range. But don`t be misled by what magicseaweed says: a 1.5 foot @ 10 seconds s-sw swell will bring us perfect head high conditions.
Beginners are best off to avoid the times when the waves are at their most powerful and December, January and February will be their best bet. At this time of the year the water is at its bluest and the weather most pleasant. The waves will be more forgiving and ranging between 1 and 3 foot. This is also the ideal time to book your first surf lessons. But even as a beginner when you wish to come outside this period we can adapt our itinerary to your level and choose for the more forgiving waves up the coast.


All of our tours are custom-made, so tell us your agenda, budget, ocean skills & interests and we’ll work out your

once-in-a-lifetime trip that you’ll never forget!!!
Mail to to get in touch with us!

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