India is a country with many faces: no other nation in the world has such a rich variety of cultural heritage and natural beauty. From the cosmopolitan vibes of big cities like Mumbai to ancient traditions along the Holy river Ganges , from the mysterious peaks of the Himalaya to the bounty-style beaches of the south,  dotted with small fishing villages where time seems to stand still.
But India is not all about picture-perfect images and impressions, it also hides a far more complex and often cruel truth underneath it`s soil. We`re not here to hide the dark side of India for our guests, nor will we highlight the tourist attractions. The members of the Kovalam Surfclub are here to show you their India, through a local`s eyes. Open your mind and senses, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. Once you`re back home you`ll have plenty of time to contemplate about your experiences and make up an opinion of your own about this truly enchanting place.
Whether you come here in quest for empty waves, howling winds, ancient temples or mesmerizing natural beauty, we`ll take you there in our own way, bearing in mind your personal needs & requests and always with a deep respect for this nation`s inhabitants and its traditions.

All the members of the Kovalam Surfclub come from `below-the-poverty-line` families and by working with and for you, they will be able to establish a better future for themselves and their families. Your guides are paid a more than fair wage and whatever is left of the profit by the end of the trip will be used to support the social activities of the Kovalam Surfclub and S.I.S.P.
Tourism to really benefit the poor...


‘Thanks to all photographers who have donated their pictures to the Kovalam Surfclub. Out of respect for their work, please do not use any pictures or videos from this website without a written permission from the Kovalam Surfclub. Looking for the high resolution pictures or you want to use some of our pictures, please mail to


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