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Name: Vineeth
Date of Birth: 

Residence: Vizhinjam

Life Story:
Until my 5th standard I went to the local school in my village but I really didn’t have any interest to study. My parents also didn’t really care, so I ended up just hanging around and doing little jobs in the fishing harbor. One of the SISP teachers approached me one day and invited me to go to their school, with the promise it was unlike any other school. He was right, from the first day I joined SISP I really liked it. Now I’m preparing for my 10th standard exam and in the afternoons I work as a project student in the coconut handicraft unit so I can earn some money as well. For my family and me this is a good combination.

Surf Experience & Motivation: My brother started surfing a long time before me, but he had to stop when he left to Tamil Nadu to find a job. When I was smaller I never really used to be very interested, but now I always go surfing with some friends in the weekends. It’s a difficult sport but when I get a good wave I’m really happy. That’s why I want to practice as much as possible so I can take a lot of good waves.

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