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Kovalam Surfclub

November 2017

With free surfing classes in the weekends, SISP motivates the school drop-outs to come to the Centre and/or to continue their education. Our principle is: “No school, no surfing!".


Unfortunately, for some unclear reasons, (local politics ?), we have faced a lot of trouble to renew our Surf Club licence; we didn’t get the permission to teach surfing or rent out surf boards at Kovalam Light House Beach... Last year has been a huge financial disaster since we used to pay the wages of our Surf School staff from the profit we made with surf lessons and board rental for tourists. For more than 1 season we were fully depending on the support of SISP... 


Luckily, still several youngsters stay motivated to continue their education, because they can come for surfing in the weekends. With the free lessons given by our surf instructors and often enthousiastic volunteers who give us a helping hand, the weekends are a joyful, fun and special moment for many kids who come for the surf activities. Thanks everybody for sharing your positive energy with us!!


Kovalam Surf School didn't give up and kept fighting to continue her work for and with the youngsters of Kovalam and Vizhinjam area. Finally, since the end of September, all parties on decision level we’ve talked with, have agreed to renew our licence ! We are more than happy that we can finally continue to do what we love to do: teach surfing!


Training and job opportunities for our youth

In the previous years we could already send 4 passionate young surfers to join the International Surfing Associating course to become surf instructors; 2 old-SISP students are now successfully teaching at Soul&Surf (a popular surf resort in Varkala), 2 others are working at Kovalam Surf School. This year April we could send our old-SISP student Krishna, Surf School member Akhilesh and Kovalam Surf School manager Mani for the ISA course to become surf instructors as well! This way we could facilitate for our surf club members a good job and a decent salary.


Surf Competitions

On January 22nd our team has participated Varkala's second ever surf competition at Edava Beach, organised by Soul&Surf. Judges including World Champion longboarder Sam Bleakley were overseeing the day. We went there by SISP bus, with a great and enthusiastic group of our surf club members. Finally Krishna, Ramesh and Varghees has been the best in their categories!


Last May, Varghees, Nissam, Kivins, Ramesh, Raju, Alex and Krishna participated at the 'Indian Open Of Surfing 2017’ in Mangalore. Ramesh won the first prize in his category and Varghees became second. They all showed a great performance and we  are looking forward for next year’s competitions!


Then, in August, there was the famous ‘Surf, Music & Yoga Festival 2017’ at Covelong Point, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our Ramesh performed again at top level and won the first prize in the Juniors Category (17-22 yrs)!

Kovalam Surf Club: No school, no surfing

Bare in mind that the forecast for south-west India is never correct. ALWAYS multiply the forecasted swell height by two to get an accurate idea of the conditions.

So if MSW predicts a 3 ft SW swell, be sure it’ll be head high with some overhead sets.

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