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The Kovalam Surfclub started with a small group of young boys, eager to become good surfers. In the beginning we had three dinged boards to share between 10 boys, no boardshorts, rash vests, spare fins, leashes nor wax. With a whole lot of dedication, motivation and the humble help of surf businesses and generous surfers from economically more blessed beaches on this planet we now have an appropriate outfit and surfboard for each member of the Kovalam Surfclub. But one glance at our surfshack will teach you that we are always in desperate need of newer, less antique boards and more spare accessories, like leashes, who always tend to break in our powerful waves.

Be it bodyboards, foamies, fins, leashes, boardshorts or proper surfboards, please don`t hesitate and donate, as our surf program is completely depending on your generosity to donate surf equipment. Please also bear in mind that a new fibreglass surfboard costs about the equivalent of a poor families` total 6 months income and therefore without your help would surfing always remain a distant dream for these children...
If u think u can help us in any way, be it financial or with logistics, contacts or appropriate surf equipment, don’t hesitate and contact us!

Most of our surfers are school drop-outs from destitute families hailing from the Kovalam coastal area. We work hand in hand with SISP,  Sebastian Indian Social Project, a local NGO that provides free education and healthcare for these kids. But a project like this costs money to keep on going, so funds are much needed in order to preserve and support the existing projects and to establish new initiatives to help the weakest members of society.

Are you looking for a trustworthy project to sponsor, where 99% of your donated money flows directly to those who need it the most, then support directly through or mail if you have any further questions.

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