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Have you always been staring in awe at these acrobats riding the ocean swells? Do you love playing in the ocean and the feeling of the sun rays and the salt water on your face? Then surfing just might be your thing!

And the good news is that it is not very difficult to learn. Since 2005 we have been teaching children as young as the age of five and adults as mature as sixty… even blind children have learned to surf with us. In the end, all of them succeeded in riding their first waves and have felt the joy and thrill of surfing.

Our instructors have years of experience teaching all kinds of people how to surf. The only requirements are some basic swimming skills! Lessons can be taught in English, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi.


Give us a shout if you want to book a lesson with us! Click here to book your experience of a lifetime!

A surf lesson is around 1,5hrs and includes: professional guidance of an internationally certified and experienced instructor, all equipment and use of a rash vest. Discounts apply for bigger groups (min. 5 people), combination packages (min. 5 lessons), long term students and students who have their own board. Contact us here for more details!


What to bring?

A pair of boardshorts, towel and sunscreen.

Important notice for our female students: we don`t want to offend local customs so please also wear boardshorts over your bikini or if you don`t have one, we`ll lend you one of ours.


Level 1: Introduction class

This is the first step if you want to learn how to surf. The lesson lasts for about 1.5 hours and within this time we teach the most important basics. First, we start with a small theory class on the beach involving safety, ocean knowledge, paddling and balancing techniques and equipment. Then, under the supervision of an instructor, we`ll push you into your first waves to experience the glide. With our specialized surf equipment, adapted for novice surfers, most students will manage to stand up on at least a couple of waves during their introduction classes.


Price: 2500 INR for 1.5hrs individual introduction class // 1800 INR for 1,5hrs group introduction class (2-5 students)

*Note: depending on the ocean conditions, your talent and previous experience you most likely will need between 3-5 introduction classes before you can go to the next level.




Level 2: Basic class

This is the second step in your surfing career and we strongly advice you to take this class as well, before venturing into the ocean swells on your own. We`ll shortly go over the theory again, to make sure you keep some important rules in mind to ensure your own safety. The instructor will guide you into the water and, depending on the swell conditions and your personal progression, get you beyond the white water and on the right spot in the line-up. Our goal is that after this class you will be able to independently wax up your board, jump into the water, paddle through the waves and catch some small rides back to the beach. Again, we cannot give you a guarantee for success, because this all depends on your own physical condition, talent and progression, but we can promise you will have plenty of fun!


Price: 2500 INR for 1.5hrs individual basic class // 1800 INR for 1,5hrs group basic class (2-5 students)

*Note: depending on the ocean conditions, your talent and previous experience you most likely will need between 3-5 basic classes before you can go to the next level.




Level 3: Step-up class

By this time you should be fully hooked on surfing and want to become the next world champion. In this class the instructor won`t be pushing you into the waves , as you should be able to paddle in and catch waves on your own. Instead, the instructor will grab his board as well and paddle along your side, guiding you through the white water and getting you on the right spot. The instructor will be giving you tips on how to paddle, where to drop into the wave, how to stand up and improve your stance, and essentially transform you into a better independent surfer. From here onwards, you will be on your own and keep in mind that practice makes a master!


Price: 2500 INR for 1.5hrs step-up class // 1800 INR for 1,5hrs group step-up class (2-5 students)

*Note: depending on the ocean conditions, your talent and previous experience you most likely will need between 3-5 Step-up classes before you can go to the next level.













Level 4: Performance class


Before signing up for this class you should be able to independently get out into the

line-up, keep your position and ride your own waves on the face without losing speed. Now you`re ready for the next level: all maneuvers start with a good bottom turn, so this will be the key point from where we start to work our way up. Then cutbacks, off the lips and who knows, even tube riding might follow!

This class can only take place when conditions allow, but if you`re prepared to split the petrol costs we`ll be willing to take you to some other breaks of which we know there will be epic waves.


Price: upon request, as we might have to drive to different surf spots so we find the right conditions to optimise your surfing experience.

*Note : depending on the ocean conditions ,your talent and previous experience you most likely will need between 3-5 classes of each level before you can go to the next level.

Our goal is to make you an independent, skill full and experienced surfer, so do check out our packages and share this incredible surfing life with us !

*Discount packages:

3 lessons package: Normal price 5400 INR--- Discount price 5000 INR

5 lessons package: Normal price 9000 INR--- Discount price 8000 INR

10 lessons package: Normal price 18000 INR---Discount price 15000 INR

Groups larger than 5 pax: 25% discount on total price


Of course we hold onto our non-commercial roots and keep on offering free surf lessons to local children from below-poverty-line families. Many of us travelling surfers have experienced the look in the eyes of the local children standing on the beach in less fortunate places in the world, while we are having fun in the water with their waves. Here, with the Kovalam Surf Club, we try to make a change and make sure that having fun in the ocean is no longer a right reserved for the lucky few who have the money to afford a board, but can become a passion for all.


We ask our students to arrive at our surf shop at least 15 minutes before the booked time slot:to change into your surfing outfit, sign the liability wavier form and get the stoke started. If the students arrives later than priorly agreed without notifying us the latest 2hours in advance we will deduct this delay from your pre-booked time slot of our next surf students.Thanks for understanding and respecting our strict stance on this matter.

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Surf School

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